When people ask me what kind of a photographer I am my answer is usually “Well I shoot a little bit of everything” which is so true. "What ever catches my eye." Landscapes, people, a tree, a pet , children or just the quiet street or a beautiful church. Sometimes my images are not picture perfect but the memories are there. I shoot with Nikon D810 and FUJIFILM X100F but my iPhone 7+ is always very close to my hand.

I am Þóra Hrönn Njálsdóttir, owner and co-founder of Photo Tours in Iceland which I own with my husband and photographer Sigurjón Pétursson. We both live in Iceland and love to guide, teach and help photographers from all over the world around our beautiful country. Our little company started a few years ago as a hobby since we both love to photograph but has grown a bit since then.

My main goal is to let our customers feel welcome and at home when they come for dinner at our house. I also want our customers to feel happy and secure photographing with us.


If you are interested in my photos and would like to photograph with me and my husband or if you have any questions, feel free to message me here below.  

Go to our website www.phototoursiceland.com

Austurgata 40
220 Hafnarfjörður 




Mob tel: + (354) 862 0074


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